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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Outfall Systems (Ottawa, 2016)

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ID Title Authors Year
9216 Integral Plume Model for Particle Laden Discharge
S. A. Socolofsky; A. L. Dissanayake
9217 Three Dimensional Analyses of Singular Horizontal Dense Jet
Semih Nemlioglu; Philip J. W. Roberts
9218 Well-Balanced Variable Density Shallow Water Equations for Outfall Discharge Problem
S. Khorshid; A. Mohammadian; I. Nistor
9219 Calculation of Diffuser Head Losses Using Excel
Shouhong Wu
9220 Numerical Simulations of Dense Effluent Discharges Using RANS Approach with Standard K- Turbulence Closure
Shuai Zhang; Jie Song; Chunyan Tang; Adrian Wing-Keung Law
9221 Large Eddy Simulations of Inclined Dense Jets with Bottom Impact
Shuai Zhang; Adrian Wing-Keung Law
9222 Desalination Effluent Plume Simulation by Lagrangian Block Advection
Vincent. H. Chu; Wihel Altai
9223 Visual Plumes 2016: An Updated Public-Domain Plume Model Suite
W. E. Frick; P. J. W. Roberts
9224 Numerical Modeling of Vertical Buoyant Jets Subjected to Lateral Confinement
X. Yan; A. Mohammadian
9225 Site Observation Test of Thermal Plume from a Nuclear Power Plant into the Yellow Sea
Xiaoli Chen; Jue Yuan; Yijun Zhao; Haiwen Zhang; Qiang Zhang; Xiao Qin

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