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Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (Aachen, 2018)

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17530 Free-Surface Instabilities in High-Velocity Air-Water Flows Down Stepped Chutes
M. Kramer; H. Chanson
17531 Three-Dimensional Flow Structure Inside the Cavity of a Non-Aerated Stepped Chute
D. Valero; J. Vogel; D. Schmidt; D. B. Bung
17532 300 Years ‘De Motu Aquae Mixto’: What Poleni Really Wrote and a New Overflow Theory Based on Momentum Balance
A. Malcherek
17533 In Situ Measurements and Mitigations of Nappe Oscillations–The Papignies and Nisramont Dams in Belgium
M. Lodomez; D. Bousmar; B. Dewals; P. Archambeau; M. Pirotton; S. Erpicum
17534 Experimental Study of Ogee Crested Weir Operation Above the Design Head and Influence of the Upstream Quadrant Geometry
S. Erpicum; B. Blancher; Y. Peltier; J. Vermeulen; P. Archambeau; B. Dewals; M. Pirotton
17535 A Deterministic Method for Evaluating Block Stability on Masonry Spillways
O. J. Chesterton; J. G. Heald; J. P. Wilson; J. R. Foster; C. Shaw; D. E. Rebollo
17536 The Effects of Baffle Blocks Locations and Blockage Ratio on the Sequent Depth and Velocity Distribution of Forced Hydraulic Jump
Jaafar S. Maatooq; Enass R. Taleb
17537 Ski Jump Hydraulics of Leak-Floor Flip Bucket
Jun Deng; Wangru Wei; Zhong Tian; Faxing Zhang
17538 Characterization of Two-Phase Flows in Plunge Pools
J. M. Carrillo; L. G. Castillo; F. Marco; J. T. Garcia
17539 Behaviour of a Scour Protection Overlay with Randomly Distributed Concrete Prisms in Plunge Pools Downstream of Mobile Barrages for Exceptional Operation Conditions
D. Wuthrich; S. Chamoun; G. De Cesare; A. J. Schleiss

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