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Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (Aachen, 2018)

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17540 Preliminary Results for Embankment Dam Stepped Spillway Stilling Basin Research
S. L. Hunt; K. C. Kadavy
17541 Study on Optimization of Flood Discharge Types in MHSJ Stilling Basin
Niu Zhi-Pan; Zhang Chao-Ran
17542 Numerical and Physical Study on the Energy Dissipation at Inflatable Gates
M. Gebhardt; U. Pfrommer; T. Rudolph; C. Thorenz
17543 Hybrid Investigation on the Hydraulic Performance of a New Trapezoidal Fishway
D. B. Bung; D. Valero; G. Hermens
17544 Improved Fish Pass Entrance Design Involving Surplus Attraction Flow
S. Heimerl; M. Redeker
17545 Influence of Inflow and Outflow Boundary Conditions on Flow Situation in Vertical Slot Fishways
J. Klein; M. Oertel
17546 Modeling of Tide Gate to Improve Fish Passability
L. Cassan; L. Guiot; G. Belaud
17547 Smart Baffles to Assist Upstream Culvert Passage of Small-Bodied Fish
J. Cabonce; H. Wang; H. Chanson
17548 Hydraulic and Ecological Requirements for the Design of Stilling Basins at Flood Retention Basins with Ecological Passage
S. Haufe; J. Stamm
17549 Flow and Turbulence Measurements in a Diagonal Brush Fish Pass: A Field Study
S. Kucukali; R. Hassinger; B. Verep; T. Mutlu; D. Ozelci

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