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Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (Aachen, 2018)

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17550 Design of Auxiliary Water Systems for Fishways
G. Fiedler.; L. Mahl; R. B. Weichert
17551 Fish Behaviour in the Vicinity of a Navigation Lock Complex: The Challenges
J. Vergeynst; R. Baeyens; J. Coeck; I. Pauwels; I. Nopens; A. Mouton; T. De Mulder
17552 Performance Assessment of FLOW-3D and XFlow in the Numerical Modelling of Fish-Bone Type Fishway Hydraulics
S. C. Chen; S. S. Tfwala
17553 A Preliminary Study of Field Scour Morphology Downstream of Block Ramps Located at River Bends
S. Pagliara; A. Radecki-Pawlik; M. Palermo; K. Plesinski
17554 Scour Morphology Downstream of Log-Frame Deflectors in Series
S. M. Kurdistani; M. Palermo; S. Pagliara; L. S. Hassanabadi
17555 From Developing to Developed Phase in the Scour Evolution Due to Vertical and Sub-Vertical Plunging Jets: New Experiments and Theory
M. Palermo; F. A. Bombardelli; S. Pagliara
17556 Effects of Weir with an Opening on Bed Morphology and Flow Patterns
T. Ohmoto; H. Une
17557 Numerical 2D Simulation of Morphological Phenomena of a Block Ramp in Poniczanka Stream: Polish Carpathians
K. Plesinski; F. Pachla; A. Radecki-Pawlik; T. Tatara; B. Radecki-Pawlik
17558 Best Practices for Design of Slurry Flow Distributions
J. M. Adriasola; R. H. A. Janssen
17559 3D CFD Modeling of a Supercritical Bottom Rack Intake
S. N. Chan; J. H. W. Lee

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