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Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (Aachen, 2018)

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17560 3D Numerical Modeling of a Supercritical Intake with a Flow Diversion Barrier
L. Chang; S. N. Chan; J. H. W. Lee
17561 Numerical Simulation of Intake Structures Like Street Inlets with Supercritical Flow Conditions
S. Kemper; A. Schlenkhoff
17562 A 3D Study of an Intake Air-Core Vortex Structure Using Piv& Flow Visualization
V. Naderi; S. Gaskin
17563 An Experimental Study of the Performance of an Ogee-Shaped Vertical Intake: Geometrical Parameters of Cross-Vane Vortex Inhibitor
V. Naderi; S. Gaskin
17564 Butterfly valves-How to Estimate Cavitation Level and Related Damage on Existing Locks and at the Laboratory?
C. Savary; M. Minet
17565 Physical Design of Upper Harbor at Auvelais Lock, Belgium
C. Swartenbroekx; D. Bousmar
17566 The Interaction of a Lock’s Filling Jet and the Ship in the Lock Chamber, Using Scale Model Measurements
P. P. D. Van Der Ven; O. D. M. Van Loon
17567 Comparison of Software for Computation of Longitudinal Forces on a Ship in a Lock Chamber During Levelling with Openings in the Lock Gate
K. Verelst; J. Vercruysse; T. De Mulder
17568 Experimental Analysis on a Low Crested Rubble Mound Breakwater
I. Martone; K. A. Galani; P. Gualtieri; C. Gualtieri; A. A. Dimas
17569 Historical Storm Surges: Consequences on Coastal Resources and Shoreline Protection in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
N. Mohd Anuar; A. M. Hashim; N. A. Awang; M. R. Abd Hamid

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