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Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (Aachen, 2018)

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17570 Application of a Free-Surface Immersed Boundary-Lattice Boltzmann Modeling to Wave Forces Acting on a Breakwater
B. Ayurzana; T. Hosoyamada; E. Tungalagtamir
17571 Design Features of the Upcoming Coastal and Ocean Basin in Ostend, Belgium, for Coastal and Offshore Engineering Applications
Peter Troch; Vasiliki Stratigaki; Peter Devriese; Andreas Kortenhaus; Nicolas Silin; Varjola Nelko; Jeroen De Maeyer; Jaak Monbaliu; Erik Toorman; Pieter Rauwoens; Dieter Vanneste; Tomohiro Suzuki; Toon Verwaest
17572 Lift and Swing Gate Modelling for Dam-Break Generation with a Particle-Based Method
H. Von H"Afen; J. Stolle; N. Goseberg; I. Nistor
17573 Piano Key Weir Research: State-of-the-Art and Future Challenges
M. Oertel
17574 Numerical Uncertainty of Piano Key Weir Discharge Coefficient Estimations by Means of 3D CFD Modelling-a Preliminary Study
F. L. Bremer; M. Oertel
17575 Sediment Transport over Labyrinth Weirs
J. Herbst; M. Gebhardt; J. Merkel; F. Belzner; C. Thorenz
17576 Size-Scale Effects of Labyrinth Weir Hydraulics
B. P. Tullis; N. L. Young; B. M. Crookston
17577 Energy Dissipation Downstream of Labyrinth Weirs
J. Merkel; F. Belzner; M. Gebhardt; C. Thorenz
17578 Transient Hydrodynamics of Piano Key Weirs
F. J. M. Denys; G. R. Basson
17579 Hydraulic Performance of Abrupt Expansion Transition with a Semi-Circular Dispenser
Jaafar S. Maatooq; Zainab Ali Zghaier

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