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Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (Aachen, 2018)

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17580 LIDAR Measurements of Free-Surface Profiles and Turbulent Scales in a Hydraulic Jump
L. Montano; S. Felder
17581 Sediment Motion Beneath Surges and Bores
Y. Li; H. Chanson
17582 Envelope Trajectory of Water Jet Issuing from a Thin Weir Obtained by Photogrammetry
Y. Bercovitz; W. Barrey; F. Lebert; C. Buvat
17583 Experimental Study of the Influence of Inlet and Outlet Conditions on the Flow Pattern of a Rectangular Shallow Reservoir
D. A. Miranda; A. M. Reis; E. Alves; A. H. Cardoso; M. M. L. P. Coelho
17584 Complementarities Between Physical Modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamics for an Ecological Continuity Project
M. Dufresne; J. Vazquez; Y. Bercovitz
17585 Air Bubble Entrainment in Breaking Bores: Physical and Numerical CFD Modelling
X. Leng; H. Chanson; P. Lubin
17586 Using Poisson Distribution to Compare CFD and Physical Modelling of Water Surface Levels for a High Speed Aerated Spillway
F. Jacobsen; T. Schumacher; F. J. Campos; M. Amghar
17587 Determination of Scale Effects for a Scaled Physical Model of a Labyrinth Weir Using CFD
C. Torres; D. Borman; A. Sleigh; D. Neeve
17588 Description of Some Seal Vibration Problems at Hydraulic Gates on German Waterways
G. G"Obel; M. Gebhardt; M. Deutscher; W. Metz; C. Thorenz
17589 The Numerical Simulation of Steady and Unsteady Flows in Channel Networks Using an Extended Riemann Problem at the Junctions
M. Elshobaki; A. Valiani; V. Caleffi

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