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Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (Aachen, 2018)

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ID Title Authors Year
17590 Multiphase Numerical Modelling of Hydraulic Structures with Rapidly Rotating Flows: Stormwater Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator
S. Mulligan; D. Mcdermott; E. Clifford
17591 Numerical Study on the Hydraulic Conditions for Species Migrating Downstream over a Weir
C. Thorenz; M. Gebhardt; R. Weichert
17592 Determining Flow Velocities at Damaged Weir of Grave Using CFD
A. De Loor; T. O’Mahoney; W. C. D. Kortlever
17593 Numerical Simulation and Assessment of the Effects of Inlet Configuration on the Flushing Time of a Potable Water Service Reservoir
C. J. O’Neill; S. Nash; E. Clifford; S. Mulligan
17594 CFD Simulation of the Air-Water Flow in the Bottom Outlet of Ituango Hydroelectric Project
David Calderon Villegas; Aldo German Benavides; Francisco Mauricio Toro
17595 Influence of Macro-Roughnesses on Vertical Slot Fishways
A. Ballu; G. Pineau; D. Calluaud; L. David
17596 Fresh Marsh Network Modeling for Ecological Continuity
L. Guiot; L. Cassan; G. Belaud
17597 Physical Model Study of Spilling and Energy Dissipation Arrangements of Malana Dam, Kullu, India
Z. Ahmad
17598 Experimental Investigation of Scour and Pressures on a Single Span Arch Bridge Under Inundation
M. Ebrahimi; R. Kahraman; M. Riella; P. Kripakaran; S. Djordjevi'C; G. Tabor; D. M. Prodanovi'C; S. Arthur
17599 Inlet Blockage Effects in a Free Surface Channel with Artificially Generated Rough Walls
L. R. Andersson; A. J. Burman; J. G. I. Hellstr"Om; P. Andreasson

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