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Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (Santiage, 2020)

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ID Title Authors Year
17600 Seeing Is Believing: Using Hybrid Turbulence Closures to Uncover the Features of Flows Past Hydraulic Structures
F. A. Bombardelli
17601 Hydraulic Structures: Challenges, Diversity, Ecology, Energy Dissipation, Hydrodynamics of the 21st Century
R. Janssen; H. Chanson; J. M. Adriasola
17602 A Triangle-Wedge Sidewall Design for the Surface Spillway Outlet on a High-Head Dam: Experimental Investigations
W. R. Wei; J. Deng; Z. Tian; F. X. Zhang
17603 Leveraging Event Detection Techniques and Cross-Correlation Analysis for Phase-Detection Probe Measurements in Turbulent Air-Water Flows
M. Kramer; B. Hohermuth; D. Valero; S. Felder
17604 Experimental Study on Scour Downstream of a Piano Key Weir with Nose
Binit Kumar; Zulfequar Ahmad
17605 Hydrodynamic Forces on the Valves of the Transfer System of the Third Set of Locks of the Panama Canal
C. A. Fattor; J. D. Bacchiega; S. A. Arrigoni
17606 Preliminary Experimental Investigation on Air Entrainment Capacity for Offset Chute Aerator at Bottom Outlet
X. Liu; R. Bai; J. Luo; H. Wang; F. Zhang
17607 Experimental and Numerical Study of Critical Submergence for Dual Intakes
Z. Ahmad; M. Hashid
17608 Upgrading Hydropower Plants to Pump Storage Plants: A Hydraulic Scale Model of the Tunnel System
L. Pitorac; K. Vereide; L. Lia
17609 Hydrodynamic Evaluation of a Stilling Basin Under Asymmetric Operation of Gated Spillway
C. Fernandez Gorostidi; D. Bacchiega; F. Romero; C. Fattor

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