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Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (Santiago, 2020)

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  • Editor(s): Robert Janssen, Hubert Chanson
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The 8th IAHR International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (ISHS2020) was scheduled to take place on 12-15 May 2020 in Santiago, Chile. Because of exceptional circumstances, i.e. the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the event had to be cancelled in late March 2020. With the agreement of the symposium organisation and contributors, the peer-reviewed technical papers were published in the ISH2020 proceedings, available open access and uniquely identified by a digital identifier called DOI.

The scope of the ISHS2020 Proceedings is broad, with one study on fluvial hydraulics, one on coastal hydraulics, eleven on spillway hydraulics, three on culvert hydrodynamics and seventeen on hydraulic structures more broadly. The topics encompasses advanced multidisciplinary subjects such as air-water flows, sediment processes and fish passage. The papers of the Proceedings include contributions on experimental and numerical modelling, as well as combined approaches embedding more than two or more methodologies, e.g., hybrid modelling. Altogether the Proceedings regroups twenty-one physical studies, eleven numerical investigations, including ten computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies, and two field studies. Furthermore, several contributions embed two or more approaches. Without a doubt, hydraulic structures bring new challenges as well as solutions directly relevant to the broad hydraulic engineering community.

For more description of this proceedings, please refer to an article, also included in this collection, titled "Hydraulic Structures: Challenges, Diversity, Ecology, Energy Dissipation, Hydrodynamics of the 21st Century" by Robert Janssen, Hubert Chanson, and Jose M. Adriasola.

ID Title Authors Year
17600 Seeing Is Believing: Using Hybrid Turbulence Closures to Uncover the Features of Flows Past Hydraulic Structures
F. A. Bombardelli
17601 Hydraulic Structures: Challenges, Diversity, Ecology, Energy Dissipation, Hydrodynamics of the 21st Century
R. Janssen; H. Chanson; J. M. Adriasola
17602 A Triangle-Wedge Sidewall Design for the Surface Spillway Outlet on a High-Head Dam: Experimental Investigations
W. R. Wei; J. Deng; Z. Tian; F. X. Zhang
17603 Leveraging Event Detection Techniques and Cross-Correlation Analysis for Phase-Detection Probe Measurements in Turbulent Air-Water Flows
M. Kramer; B. Hohermuth; D. Valero; S. Felder
17604 Experimental Study on Scour Downstream of a Piano Key Weir with Nose
Binit Kumar; Zulfequar Ahmad
17605 Hydrodynamic Forces on the Valves of the Transfer System of the Third Set of Locks of the Panama Canal
C. A. Fattor; J. D. Bacchiega; S. A. Arrigoni
17606 Preliminary Experimental Investigation on Air Entrainment Capacity for Offset Chute Aerator at Bottom Outlet
X. Liu; R. Bai; J. Luo; H. Wang; F. Zhang
17607 Experimental and Numerical Study of Critical Submergence for Dual Intakes
Z. Ahmad; M. Hashid
17608 Upgrading Hydropower Plants to Pump Storage Plants: A Hydraulic Scale Model of the Tunnel System
L. Pitorac; K. Vereide; L. Lia
17609 Hydrodynamic Evaluation of a Stilling Basin Under Asymmetric Operation of Gated Spillway
C. Fernandez Gorostidi; D. Bacchiega; F. Romero; C. Fattor

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