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Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (Palermo, 2018)

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  • Editor(s): Goffredo La Loggia, Gabriele Freni, Valeria Puleo and Mauro De Marchis
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ID Title Authors Year
17655 Improving River Flow Simulation Using a Coupled Surface-Groundwater Model for Integrated Water Resources Management
Salam Abbas; Yunqing Xuan; Ryan Bailey
17656 High-Performance Integrated Hydrodynamic Modelling of Storm Induced Floods at a Catchment Scale
Xilin Xia; Qiuhua Liang; Xiaodong Ming
17657 Dynamic Flood Inundation Forecast for the City of Kulmbach Using Offline Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Models
Punit Bhola; Jorge Leandro; S. Konnerth; Kanwal Amin; Markus Disse
17658 High Resolution Urban Flood Modelling: A Case Study of Cork City, Ireland
Stephen Nash; Joanne Comer; Agnieszka Olbert; Michael Hartnett
17659 Assessment on Effects of Preliminary Release Operation of a Multi-Purpose Reservoir Considering Ensemble Inflow Prediction
Daisuke Nohara; Hiroki Saito
17660 Real-Time Flood Forecasting and Regulation System of Poyanghu Lake Basin in China
Jiang Xiaoming; He Xiaoyan; Ding Liuqian; Li Jiren; Li Hui; Chai Fuxin; Kan Guangyuan; Zhang Zhongbo; Wang Fan; Ren Minglei
17661 Optimal Sensor Placement and Leak/Burst Localisation in a Water Distribution System Using Spatially-Constrained Inverse-Distance Weighted Interpolation
Shaun Boatwright; Michele Romano; Stephen Mounce; Kevin Woodward; Joby Boxall
17662 Comparison Between Calibration and Sensitivity Approaches in Water Network Management in Emergency Conditions
A. Fiorini Morosini; O. Caruso; P. Veltri
17663 Robust Reliability Assessment of Water Reservoir Under Uncertainty of Climate Change
Daniel Marton; Katerina Knoppova
17664 Doppler Radar Data Assimilation for Mesoscale Numerical Rainfall Prediction
Jiyang Tian; Jia Liu; Chuanzhe Li; Fuliang Yu

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