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Proceedings of the 22nd IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Singapore, 2014)

This collection accommodates the articles of the Proceedings of the 22nd IAHR International Symposium on Ice, which was held in Singapore during August 11-15, 2014.

ID Title Authors Year
18282 A Quasi-2D Model of Unsteady Flows for River Ice Processes
Yang Kai-Lin; Guo Xin-Lei; Wang Tao; Fu Hui; Guo Yong-Xin
18283 A River-Ice Model for Wanjiazhai Reach of the Yellow River
Fan Lin; Mao Zeyu; Bao Jun; Yuan Jing; Ma Zhuang
18284 Water Temperature and Ice Conditions in Fengman Reservoir, Winter of 2012-2013
Youcai Tuo; Yun Deng; Jia Li; Kefeng Li; Nan Li
18285 A Geospatial Model to Determine Patterns in River Ice Cover Breakup and Jamming Behaviour
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt; Apurba Das; Jay Sagin
18286 Evaluating the Impact of Fluvial Geomorphology on River Ice Cover Formation Based on a Global Sensitivity Analysis of a River Ice Model
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt; Kwok Pan Chun
18287 Estimation of Composite Roughness Values During River Ice-Cover Breakup
Soheil Ghareh Aghaji Zare; Stephanie Moore; Colin D. Rennie; Ousmane Seidou; Habib Ahmari
18288 Investigations of Coastal Erosion by Means of Laser Scanner VZ-1000 in Vestpynten, Spitsbergen
Antonia Linzbach; Anatoly Sinitsyn; David Wrangborg; Nina Ganicheva; Lie Guegan
18289 The Ice and Water Condition Detecting Sensor Based on the Physical Characteristics Differences Among the Air, Ice and Water and Its Application in the Detecting Process of River Ice
Qin Jianmin; Cui Liqin; Wang Lijuan
18290 In-Situ Experimental Investigation of the Vertical Stress Distribution in Sea Ice Covers; a Comparison of Tensile and Flexural Strength
Ase Ervik; Knut V. Hoyland; Aleksey Marchenko; Marina Karulina; Evgeny Kaulin
18291 Propeller Blade Impact Forces Due to Cavitation Cloud Collapse by Using a Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian Method
Ville S. Lamsa; Juha Virtanen; Aki Kinnunen; Pekka Koskinen

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