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Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Michigan, 2016)

This collection accommodates the articles of the Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice, which was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA during May 31 to June 3, 2016.

ID Title Authors Year
18420 Ice Boom Performance: Rare Release Events During Early Freeze-Up
Razek Abdelnour; Elie Abdelnour; Etienne Robert; Jarrod Malenchak
18421 Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Massive Tsunami Wave Force on the Bridge Girders
Takaaki Abe; Jungo Funaki; Yasuhiro Yoshikawa; Toshihito Toyabe
18422 River Ice Dynamics Determined from Time Series Photo Analysis
Saber Ansari; Soheil Ghareh Aghaji Zare; Ousmane Seidou; Colin Rennie; Jarrod Malenchak
18423 Phase Change Simulations of Water Near Its Density Inversion Point by Lattice Boltzmann Method
Ayurzana Badarch; Hosoyamada Tokuzo
18424 Factors Contributing to Ice Breakup Events on the Saint John River
Alyssa M. Baker; Ian M. Knack; Hung Tao Shen
18425 Winter Circulation in the Presence of Ice in Lake Erie
Dmitry Beletsky; Raisa Beletsky; Jia Wang; Nathan Hawley
18426 Panel Loads and Weather Conditions at Norstromsgrund Lighthouse 2000-2003
Hongtao Li; Morten Bjerkas; Knut V. Hoyland; Torodd S. Nord
18427 Ice Action on Swedish Lighthouses Revisited
Morten Bjerkas; Torodd S. Nord
18428 Geometry and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Coastal Ice in a Micro-Tidal Climate in Svalbard, Part I, Permeability and Geometry
Bard Blaesterdalen; David Wrangborg; Aleksey Marchenko; Knut V. Hoyland
18429 Model Tests for Ice Encroachment and Formation of Rubble Ice
Robert Bridges; Kaj Riska; Christian Schroeder

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