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Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Michigan, 2016)

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ID Title Authors Year
18432 Laboratory Work on Heat Transfer in Submerged Ice, Theory, Experimental Setup and Results
Xiaodong Chen; Knut Hoyland
18433 Experimental Study of Accumulation Length and Cross Section Flow Under Equilibrium Ice Jam Conditions
Chen Pangpang; Wu Peng; Wang Jun
18434 Preliminary Calibration of a Rheological Sea Ice Model for Wave-In-Ice Using Field Data
Sukun Cheng; Xin Zhao; Erick Rogers; Jim Thomson; Hayley H. Shen
18435 The Tensile Strength of Saline and Freshwater Ice in Field Tests
P. Chistyakov; E. Karulin; A. Marchenko; A. Sakharov; B. Lishman
18436 Freeze-up Monitoring on the Dauphin River, Manitoba, Canada
Shawn P. Clark; Alexander Wall
18437 Investigating the Effects of Ice and Bed Roughness on the Flow Characteristics Beneath a Simulated Partial Ice Cover
Shawn P. Clark; Mitchel Peters; Karen Dow; Jarrod Malenchak; Devon Danielson
18438 Processes and Limits Controlling Ice Loads on Dams
George Comfort; Alain Cote; Andre Taras
18439 Observations and Characteristics of the Ice-Ocean Boundary Layer in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Ryan Beecroft; Remo Cossu; Alexander Forrest; Charles Lemckert; Ian Hawes
18440 Static Ice Loads at Dam Face and at Far Field
Alain Cote; Andre Taras; Georges Comfort; Brian Morse
18441 Retrieval of Lake Superior Ice Surfaces Using EO-1 Hyperion, Landsat Etm+, and Landsat OLI
Christopher J. Crawford; Petya K. Campbell; Elizabeth M. Middleton; Dorothy K. Hall; Milton G. Hom; Fred F. Huemmrich; David R. Landis

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