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Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Michigan, 2016)

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18510 Modeling of Ice Forces on Structure Due to Ocean Waves
Ali Oveisy; Erik De Goede
18511 Effects of Ice and Bed Roughness on Turbulent Flow Characteristics Beneath a Simulated Ice Jam
Hoda Pahlavan; Shawn P. Clark; Jarrod Malenchak; Ming Wang
18512 Exploring Global Pressures: Geometry, Fracture and Ice Properties
Erin Paquette; Thomas G. Brown
18513 Relating Speed, Heading and Ice Conditions in NSR Ship Operations
Raymond Kristiansen; Chris Petrich
18514 Comparing Field Data with Numerical Simulations of Ice Loads on Dams
Chris Petrich; Na Saether; Bjornar Sand; Bard Arntsen
18515 Potential for Polluted Sea Ice to Drift into Nature Reserves in the Barents Sea
Chris Petrich; Martin Arntsen; Benyamin Akdemir
18516 2D FEM-DEM Study on Ice Loads on Shallow Water Structure
Arttu Polojarvi; Jukka Tuhkuri; Sonja Schneider; Riikka Hasa
18517 A Simulation Based Statistical Study on Evolution of Ice-Structure Interaction Process
Janne Ranta; Arttu Polojarvi; Jukka Tuhkuri
18518 Numerical Modeling of Icebreaking and Ice-Clearing for an Icebreaker Advancing in Sea Ice
Junji Sawamura; Shinji Kioka
18519 Ice Resistance Test Using Synthetic Ice for a Ship Advancing in Ice-Covered
Junji Sawamura; Hidetaka Senga; Kensuke Imaki; Keisuke Suga; Hyoil Kim

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