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Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Michigan, 2016)

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18542 An Evaluation of Winter Effects on the Banks of the Middle Reach of the Susitna River, Alaska
Renee Vandermause; Robert Ettema; Michael Harvey; Lyle Zevenbergen
18543 Projection of Great Lakes Seasonal Ice Cover Using Multi-Variable Regression Models
Jia Wang; Xuezhi Bai; Zifan Yang; Anne Clites; Haoguo Hu; Philip Chu
18544 The Influence Factors of the Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Natural Freshwater Ice
Qingkai Wang; Zhijun Li
18545 Great Lakes Ice Cover Database Update: 1973–2015
Anne Clites; Jia Wang; Zifan Yang
18546 Analysis of Ice-Induced Vibration of Conical Jacket Platform with a Coupled Discrete-Finite Element Method
Shuailin Wang; Shunying Ji
18547 Geometry and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Coastal Ice in a Micro-Tidal Climate in Svalbard, Part II, in-Situ Stresses
David Wrangborg; Carl Magnus Vindegg; Aleksey Marchenko; Bard Blaesterdalen; Knut V. Hoyland
18548 Patterns of Asian Winter Climate Variability and Links to Arctic Sea Ice
Bingyi Wu; Jingzhi Su; Rosanne D’Arrigo
18549 Effect of Normal Pressure and Velocity on Ice-Ice Friction
Zhong Wu; Bruce Colbourne
18550 Improving the Lake Scheme Within a Coupled WRF-Lake Model in the Laurentian Great Lakes
Chuliang Xiao; Brent M. Lofgren; Jia Wang; Philip Y. Chu
18551 Research on Navigation Support System and Optimum Route Search for the Northern Sea Route
Hajime Yamaguchi; Yuya Nakano

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