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Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Michigan, 2016)

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18423 Phase Change Simulations of Water Near Its Density Inversion Point by Lattice Boltzmann Method
Ayurzana Badarch; Hosoyamada Tokuzo
18424 Factors Contributing to Ice Breakup Events on the Saint John River
Alyssa M. Baker; Ian M. Knack; Hung Tao Shen
18425 Winter Circulation in the Presence of Ice in Lake Erie
Dmitry Beletsky; Raisa Beletsky; Jia Wang; Nathan Hawley
18426 Panel Loads and Weather Conditions at Norstromsgrund Lighthouse 2000-2003
Hongtao Li; Morten Bjerkas; Knut V. Hoyland; Torodd S. Nord
18427 Ice Action on Swedish Lighthouses Revisited
Morten Bjerkas; Torodd S. Nord
18428 Geometry and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Coastal Ice in a Micro-Tidal Climate in Svalbard, Part I, Permeability and Geometry
Bard Blaesterdalen; David Wrangborg; Aleksey Marchenko; Knut V. Hoyland
18429 Model Tests for Ice Encroachment and Formation of Rubble Ice
Robert Bridges; Kaj Riska; Christian Schroeder
18430 Modeling UHF-Band Spectra of Lake Ice Brightness Temperature
A. Bringer; K. Jezek; J. Johnson; M. Durand; L. Tsang; S. Tan; T. Wang; G. Macelloni; M. Brogioni
18431 Role of Drifting Ice in Bottom Relief Formation of Freezing Shalloq Waters of the South of Eurasia
P. I. Buharitsin

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