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Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Michigan, 2016)

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18462 Rafting of Sediment by Anchor Ice Releases
H. Kalke; C. Schneck; V. Mcfarlane; M. Loewen; M. Jasek
18463 River Ice Cover Influence on Water Quality Based on Continuous Monitoring and Grab Sampling Data
Maria Kamari; Eliisa Lotsari; Sirkka Tattari; Jari Koskiaho
18464 Experimental Studies of Fracture Mechanics for Various Ice Types
M. Karulina; A. Marchenko; A. Sakharov; E. Karulin; P. Chistyakov
18465 Numerical Simulation of Turret Ship Dynamic Behaviour Under External Action
E. Karulin; M. Karulina
18466 Impact of Initial Conditions on Ice Loads on Dams
Ekaterina Kharik; Varvara Roubtsova; Brian Morse; Mario Fafard; Alain Cote; Andre Taras
18467 A Preliminary Analysis of the Crushing Specific Energy of Iceberg Ice Under Rapid Compressive Loading
Ekaterina Kim; Robert E. Gagnon
18468 A Simulation Study on the Turning Ability of Ice-Going Ship Navigating in Pack Ice
Hyoil Kim; Junji Sawamura
18469 An Energy Model for Ice Crushing in Ice-Structure Impact
Aki Kinnunen; Maria Tikanmaki; Jaakko Heinonen
18470 Fundamental Study for Physical Experiments and Numerical Modelling of Ice-Jams and Ice Pile-Ups Driven by Run-Up Tsunami Wave
Shinji Kioka; Takahiro Takeuchi; Naohiro Maruta
18471 Physical Conditions in the Water-Ice Boundary Layer: From Lake Baikal to Small Arctic Lakes
G. B. Kirillin; I. A. Aslamov; V. V. Kozlov; N. G. Granin; C. Lhardt; J. Forster

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