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Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Michigan, 2016)

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ID Title Authors Year
18490 One-Way Coupled Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis of Shallow Hydropeaking Wave Propagation in a Partially Ice-Covered River Channel
Ning Liu; Jim Kells; Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
18491 Discrete Element Simulation of Sea Ice Loads on Narrow Conical Structures
Xue Long; Shunying Ji
18492 Responses of the MID-Latitude and Tropical Atmospheric Circulation to Climate Change and Connection to the Hydrological Cycle
Jian Ma
18493 Wave Interaction with an Ice Ridge Embedded in Level Ice
Sourav Mandal; Adrian W. -K. Law; Hayley H. Shen
18494 Simulating Hydrodynamics and Ice Cover in Lake Erie Using an Unstructured Grid Model
Ayumi Fujisaki Manome; Jia Wang
18495 Simulating Sea Ice in the Arctic Ocean and Eastern Siberian Sea
Ayumi Fujisaki Manome; Jia Wang
18496 Comparison of Sea Ice Products and Data of Drifting Buoys
Nataliya A. Marchenko
18497 The Influence of Ice Structure on Thermo-Elastic Waves in Saline Ice
Aleksey Marchenko; Andrii Murdza; Ben Lishman
18498 Physical Mechanisms Limiting Sizes of Pressure Ice Ridges and Model of Ice Rubble Formation
Aleksey Marchenko
18499 Consolidation of Drifting Ice Rubble in the North-West Barents Sea
Aleksey Marchenko; Nikolay Diansky; Vladimir Fomin; Nataly Marchenko; Darja Ksenofontova

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