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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18688 Experiments for Effects of Coastal Forests on Scouring Behind Coastal Embankment Induced by Tsunami Overflow
Kosuke Iimura; Natsumi Sato; Hirokazu Ikeda
18944 Effects of Different Light Intensity on the Growth and Stress Responses of Paeudanabaena Galeata (Cyanobacteria)
Guligena Muhetaer; Takashi Asaeda; Helayaye Damitha Lakmali Abeynayaka; Senavirathna Mudalige Don Hiranya Jayasanka
18689 Simulating Gezhouba Reservoir Operation Using the Recurrent Neural Network Deep Learning Algorithm
Zhang Di; Peng Qidong; Wang Dongsheng; Lin Junqiang
18945 The Differentiation of Function Between Pool and Riffle as Habitat for Waterfowl
Satoe Kasahara
18690 Spatial Distribution of Sulfate Reducing and Sulfide Oxidizing Bacteria in Wetland Soils Along a Water and Salt Gradient in the Yellow River Delta, China
Qiongqiong Lu; Junhong Bai; Jianjun Wu; Guangliang Zhang; Wei Wang
18946 River Bed Material Mapping to Support Habitat Assessment in Large Rivers
Sandor Baranya
18691 Validation of a HEC-RAS Model of the Stornorrfors Fish Migration Dry Reach Against New Field Data
Kristian Angele; Anders Andersson
18947 Dam Sedimentation Management and Ecological Impact Assessment in Large River Basins
Beatrice Wagner; Christoph Hauer; Angelika Schoder; Helmut Habersack
18692 Impact of Fishways in the Miyanaka Intake Dam Area on Fish Diversity in the Shinano River, Japan
Taku Masumoto; Masahiko Nakai; Takashi Asaeda
18948 Holistic Eco-Environmental Flow Assessment in a Semi-Arid and Semi-Humid Region (HEFASS)
Cunwen Niu; Yangwen Jia; Chunfeng Hao; Fang Wang

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