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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18659 Field Experiment on Placement of Bubble Circulation Countermeasure in Small Reservoir in Subtropical Region
Shohei Shibuya; Eiichi Furusato; Takashi Hirose; Kazuhiro Ayukawa
18660 Individual-Based Modelling of Fish Habitats in the River Downstream Under Flow Regulation
Rui Han; Ruonan Li
18661 Migratory Behavior of Ascending Adult Salmon (Salmo Salar) in the Outlets of Hydropeaking Power Plants
Teppo Vehanen; Aki Maki-Petays; Ari Huusko; Panu Orell
18662 Measuring and Modelling Plant Traits in Floodplains of Regulated Rivers
Valesca Harezlak; Denie Augustijn; Rob Leuven; Gertjan Geerling
18663 Development of the Numerical Simulation Model Aiming at Direct Habitat Evaluation of Riverbeds of Gravel-Bed Rivers
Morihiro Harada; Rahma Yanda
18664 Optimizing Mowing Strategies for Vegetated Streams
Denie Augustijn; Ralf Linneman; Koen Berends; John Lenssen
18665 How Do Fish Sense Flow?
Jeffrey A. Tuhtan; Juan Franciso Fuentes-Perez
18666 A Depth Integrated Model for Calculating Non-Equilibrium Velocity Distribution of Flow Through a Submerged Vegetation Zone
Tatsuhiko Uchida; Yoshihisa Kawahara
18667 Flow Management to Control Macrophyte Invasion–An Assessment Based on Habitat Suitability Modelling
Konstantin Ochs; Rui Rivaes; Teresa Ferreira; Gregory Egger
18668 Analysis of the Interactive Relationship Between Meandering River Hydraulic Characteristics and Habitat Suitability
Jing Zhang; Hongtao Wang; Jinyong Zhao; Zheren Dong; Wenqi Peng; Xianfu Zhao; Yu Yan; Baoligao; Baiyin

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