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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18669 What Counts as a River? Regionalism, Climate, and Culture in Categorizing and Governing Waterways
Shaw Nozaki Lacy; Piergiorgio Di Giminiani; Luca Mao
18670 Reasonability of Cyclic Floodplain Rejuvenation for Strategic Biodiversity Conservation in Japanese Lowland Rivers
Shigeya Nagayama; Morihiro Harada; Shiro Sagawa; Yuichi Kayaba
18671 River Survey Using Airborne Laser Bathymetry (ALB) and Its Applications
Keigo Nakamura; Kazuhiro Yamamoto
18672 Disentangling Multiple Stressors on Macro-Invertebrate Communities, Using a Trait Based Species Distribution Model
Vermeiren Peter; Reichert Peter; Schuwirth Nele
18673 Breeding Control of Invasive Bluegill Utilizing Flushing Discharge in Miharu Dam Reservoir
Takaya Higuchi; Shogo Sakamoto; Kazuhiro Azami; Tomonori Osugi; Katsuki Nakai; Hiroyuki Miura; Yuko Kikuchi
18674 The Role of Bivalves in the Aquatic Ecosystem-the Hazards Associated with the Increase of Water Pollution
Joanna Chmist
18675 Catchment-Scale Habitat Modeling: Rationale, Objectives and Methods
N. Lamouroux; H. Pella; C. Miguel; M. Morel; N. Flipo
18676 Ecological Restoration Accelerated Water Resource Shortage Across Time and Scale
Ruonan Li; Rui Han; Duan Chen.; Hua Zheng; Binbin Huang
18677 Application of UAV Monitoring and Flow Simulation for Identification of Initial Vegetation Recruitment onto Bare BAR in Sand Bed River
Yuexia Zhou; Eijiro Kubo; Yuji Toda
18678 Drought Impacts on Physico-Chemical Water Quality of a Drinking Water Reservoir in Northeast China
Qin Guoshuai; Liu Jianwei; Xu Shiguo; Wang Tianxiang

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