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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18679 Multiple Mechanisms Generating Geomorphic Control of Seedling Establishment in a Intertidal Saltmarsh
Dongdong Qiu; Baoshan Cui; Jiaguo Yan
18680 Single-or Multi-Slot Fishways in Mediterranean Rivers? An Experimental Approach with a Potamodromous Cyprinid Fish
Filipe Romao; Ana L. Quaresma; Paulo Branco; Jose Maria Santos; Maria Teresa Ferreira; Antonio N. Pinheiro
18681 Analysis of Chilean Freshwater Fish Species Threaten by Hydropower Projects
Anita Laborde; Oscar Link; Pedro Arriagada; Evelyn Habit
18682 Flow Features for Fishway Design
Oscar Link; Anita Laborde; Evelyn Habit
18683 Species Selection for Littoral Restoration in Changing Water Level Environments
John A. Chapman; Bruce N. Wilson
18684 The Influence of Macroinvertebrate Community on the Self-Purification Capacity of Restored Gravel Bars in the Trinity River, California
Bin Li; Joeselle Serrana; Kozo Watanabe
18685 Sediment Microbial Community Composition and Diversity of Restored Gravel Bars in the Trinity River, California
Joeselle Serrana; Bin Li; Tetsuya Sumi; Yasuhiro Takemon; Kozo Watanabe
18686 Ecological Influence of Sediment Bypass Tunnels on Macroinvertebrates in Dam-Fragmented Rivers Using Dna Metabarcoding
Joeselle Serrana; Sakiko Yaegashi; Shunsuke Kondoh; Bin Li; Christopher Robinson; Kozo Watanabe
18687 Establishing Environmental Flow Targets in Complex Enviroments
Eric D. Stein; Sarah Yarnell; Samuel Sandoval-Solis; Belize A. Lane; Julie Zimmerman; Jeanette Howard; Theodore E. Grantham; Rob Lusardi
18688 Experiments for Effects of Coastal Forests on Scouring Behind Coastal Embankment Induced by Tsunami Overflow
Kosuke Iimura; Natsumi Sato; Hirokazu Ikeda

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