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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18699 Integrating Geomorphic Assessments in Ecological Flow Regimes: Case Study in the San Antonio River, Texas, USA
Nolan Raphelt; Kevin Mayes; Thomas Hardy
18700 Consequences of the Nutrition Transition for Indigenous Riverine Communities Affected by Dam Construction
Martin Wilkes; Wan Ying Gan; Nurzalinda Zalbahar; Yit Siew Chin; Salma Faeza Ahmad Fuzi; Leticia Miguel; Norhasmah Sulaiman
18701 Flume Measurement of Suspended Sediment Concentrations Using High-Accuracy Turbidity Sensors in Vegetated Flows
Juha Jarvela; Walter Box; Kaisa Vastila
18702 Principles and Methods in Fish Passage Management: An International Perspective
Martin A. Wilkes; Paulo Pompeu; Andrew S. Vowles; Paul Franklin; Anita Laborde; Evelyn Habit; Luiz G. M. Silva; Cindy Baker; Oscar Link; Angus Webb; Paul Kemp
18703 Horizontal BAR Rack Bypass Systems for Fish Downstream Migration: State of Knowledge, Limitations, and Gaps
Julian Meister; Helge Fuchs; Ismail Albayrak; Robert M. Boes
18704 Mesohabitat Delineations Based on Hydraulic Geometry Properties Derived from the Continuity Equations
Thomas Hardy; Damon H. Goodman; Russell W. Perry; Nicholas A. Som
18705 Use of Near-Census Ecohydraulics in River Restoration
Gregory Brian Pasternack
18706 Early 20Th-Century Potential Distributions of Diadromous Fish Species in Europe
Goncalo Duarte; Paulo Branco; Gertrud Haidvogl; Didier Pont; Maria Teresa Ferreira; Pedro Segurado
18707 An Extensible Framework for Integrating Ecohydraulics and Ecohydrology in Regional Environmental Flows
Belize Lane; Gregory Pasternack
18708 Litter Mass Loss and Nutrient Dynamics of Coastal Plant Decomposition in the Ywllow River Estuary Wetland
Fangfang Wang; Jiaguo Yan; Xu Ma; Dongdong Qiu; Baoshan Cui

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