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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18569 Macroinverterbates as Indicators for the Ecological Significance of Cutoff in High Plateau Meandering Rivers in the Zoige Wetland, China
Xiongdong Zhou; Mengzhen Xu
18570 What Drives the Interannual Variability in Aquatic-Ecology Time Series?
Sophie Cauvy-Fraunie; Verena Trenkel; Herve Capra; Jean-Michel Olivier; Anthony Maire; Martin Daufresne; Jeremy Lobry; Bernard Cazelles; Nicolas Lamouroux
18571 Spatio-Temporal Changes in Habitat Conditions Downstream the Mactaquac Generating Station Using a Multi-Scalar Habitat Modelling Approach
Bernhard Wegscheider; Tommi Linnansaari; Mouhamed Ndong; Katy Haralampides; Andre St-Hilaire; Matthias Schneider; R. Allen Curry
18572 Effects of Boulders Interval in Streamwise Direction over Open Channel Bed on Swimming Behavior of Zacco Platypus
Kouki Onitsuka; Juichiro Akiyama; Ryo Ogata
18573 Neuro-Genetic Suspended Sediment Load Prediction Model for Kelantan River
Haitham Abdulmohsin Afan; Wan Hanna Melini Wan Mohtar; Ahmed El-Shafie
18574 Numerical Simulation of Wave Dissipation in Coastal Mangrove Forest at Different Growth Stage
Xiaoxia Zhang; Pengzhi Lin
18575 Ecological Restoration of Urban Flood Channel: Balancing Flood Control and Ecosystem Conservation
Yao Wang; Onyx Wing Hong Wai
18576 Fish Behaviour at Navigation Locks: A Question of Personality?
J. Vergeynst; R. Baeyens; J. Coeck; T. De Mulder; I. Nopens; I. Pauwels; A. Mouton
18577 Theoretical Model of Suspended Sediment Concentration in a Flow with Submerged Canopy
Da Li; Zhonghua Yang; Wenxin Huai
18578 Effects of a Partial Dam Removal on River Bed Topography and Flow Fields
Terunori Ohmoto; Kanji Adachi; Shakila Kayum; Ryuichi Hirakawa

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