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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18629 Research on Relationship of Vegetation Growth Condition Using the Random Forest Method in Kushiro Mire
Kanju Sakuma; Makoto Nakatsugawa; Hisanobu Sakamoto; Kobayashi Yosuke
18630 The Effects of Abiotic Factors on Plant Health and Biomechanics: A Mesocosm Study on Potamogeton Crispus
Davide Vettori; Stephen Rice
18631 Understanding Stream Habitat to Inform Management in Urban Catchment
Desmond O. Anim; Geoff J. Vietz; Tim D. Fletcher; Gregory B. Pasternack; Matthew J. Burns
18632 Is It Just the Flow: Addressing Physical Habitat Degradation in Urban Stream
Desmond O. Anim; Tim D. Fletcher; Geoff J. Vietz; Gregory B. Pasternack; Matthew J. Burns
18633 Control Effect of Saltwater Intrusion by Plane Improvement Project of North Branch in the Changjiang Estuary
Chen Li-Ming; Jia Ya-Lan; Li Ti-Lai; Shi Yong; Gao Chao
18634 Experimental Study on the Effect of Golden Mussel Attachment on the Roughness of Water Transfer Pipeline
Jiahao Zhang; Mengzhen Xu; Wei Liu; Tongyu Zhang
18635 The Ecological Status Changes Due to the Dam Construction Effects: A Case Study of Karst Water Areas, China
Weiwei Yao; Yuansheng Chen; Xiaoyi Ma; Xinlin He; Junfeng Li; Guang Yang
18636 A Non-Local Description of Upstream Fish Migration: Linkage Between School Shape and Migration Dynamics
Hidekazu Yoshioka; Tomoki Izumi; Masayuki Fujihara
18637 An Experimental Investigation of Three-Dimensional Flow Characteristics of an Egg-Shaped Fish Orifice
Zhiyong Dong; Xue Dong
18638 New Methods for the Assessment of Hydropower-Induced Fish Damage in the Field
Melanie Mueller; Joachim Pander; Josef Knott; Juergen Geist

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