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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18639 Evaluation on the Impact of Artificial Pollutant Control Projects in a Currentcomplicated River-Lake Region Using 1-2D Water Quality Model
Wang Hua; Yan Huaiyu; Pang Min; Deng Yanqing
18640 Seasonal Trends of Density, Biomass, and Production of Antocha Sp. (Diptera: Tipulidae) in Relation to the Summer Floods in the Middle Reaches of the Shinano River
Kimio Hiranayash; Kento Ohtsuka; Hiroki Namba; Shunsuke Okada; Sangki Choi
18641 Predicting Distribution Potential of the Korean Spotted Barbel in South Korea Under Climate Change
Zhonghyun Kim; Taeyong Shim; Jinho Jung
18642 Characterisation of Aquatic Vegetation: From the Statistics of Macrophyte Patch Sizes to Highly-Resolved Flow Structure
H. J. Biggs; V. I. Nikora; C. N. Gibbins; S. M. Cameron; K. Papadopoulos; S. Fraser; M. Stewart; D. Vettori; M. Savio; D. R. Green; D. M. Hicks
18643 Flow Characteristics Around a Pile-Group Dike
Obaidullah Safie; Akihiro Tominaga
18644 The Effect of the Number of Storage States on Both Ecological Disturbance and Economic Benefit When Using Dynamic Programming Models in Reservoir Operation
Hongrui Liu; Xin-An Yin; Zhihao Xu; Yanpeng Cai; Wei Yang
18645 Assessing Climate Change Effects on Freshwater Fish Habitat Suitability by Integrating Hydraulic and Physiological Parameters
Taeyong Shim; Zhonghyun Kim; Jinho Jung
18646 Fish Barriers in Small Streams: A Bayesian Network Model for Evaluating Likelihood of Fish Passage Success at Culverts
Paul Franklin; Martin Wilkes; Cindy Baker; Callum Brown
18647 Optimizing Discharge Coefficients Spillways Labyrinth Implementing Two Hydrodinamic Forms Devices in the Upstream Apex
Gustavo Delgado; Oscar Paz Pais
18648 Applications of Bayesian Networks in Water Resource Management
Wen Zhang

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