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Proceedings of the HydroSenSoft (Madrid, 2017)

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  • ISBN: 978-90-824846-2-5
  • Publisher: IAHR
  • Editor(s): Rui Aleixo
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ID Title Authors Year
19556 Combining Backscatter and Attenuation Measurements for Suspended Sediment Concentration Assessment
Massimo Guerrero; Slaven Conevski; Sandor Baranya; Nils Ruther
19557 Intertidal Beach Recovery in Relation to Nearshore Hydrodynamics, Mariakerke, Belgium
E. Brand; M. Chen; A-L. Montreuil; S. Dan
19558 Novel Fluorescence-Based Instrumentation for Continuous Water Quality Analysis
John Bridgeman; Yulia Zakharova
19559 Early-Warning and Monitoring Real-Time Systems in Rural and Urban Catchments
Civil Neer P. Batanero; Civil Neer E. Martinez
19560 A Pressure-Based Impact and PTV Methods Evaluation for Bedload Transport Measurements
Luis Mendes; Federica Antico; Duarte Carona; Rui Aleixo; Rui M. L. Ferreira
19561 Multi-Purpose Platforms for Eficient Observations in Coastal Waters
Jordi Cateura; Joaquim Sospedra; Daniel Gonzalez-Marco; Agustin Sanchez-Arcilla
19562 Laboratory and Field LSPIV Measurements of Flow Velocities Using Fudaa-LSPIV, a Free User-Friendly Software
Magali Jodeau; Alexandre Hauet; Jerome Le Coz; Yvan Bercovitz; Franck Lebert
19563 Predictive Modeling of Water Levels in Sewerage Systems by Machine Learning
Yusuke Hida; Hiroshi Chiba; Yoshihiro Asaoka; Hisao Nagabayashi
19564 Development of New Equipment for Measurement of Rainfall Interception in Eucalyptus Planted Forests
Gabriel Perazza; Jimena Alonso; Pablo Pais
19565 Sensing of Free-Surface Patterns in Opaque Flows Using Kinect
Matteo Rubinato; Yun-Hang Cho; Andrew Nichols

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