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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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19712 Application of the Wavelet Transform to Sediment Grain Sizes Analysis with an Impact Plate for Bedload Monitoring in Sediment Bypass Tunnels
Takahiro Koshiba; Tetsuya Sumi
19713 Comparison of Standardized Methods for Suspended Solid Concentration Measurements in River Samples
Guillaume Mais; Benot Camenen; Jerme Le Coz; Fabien Thollet; Chloe Le Ond; Mickal Lagouy; Alexis Buffet; Frederic Lacroix
19714 Estimation of Sand Suspension in a Secondary Channel of an Alpine River
Benot Camenen; Guillaume Mais; Alexis Buffet; Fabien Thollet; Chloe Le Ond; Mickal Lagouy; Celine Berni; Jerme Le Coz
19715 Experimental Bed Active-Layer Survey with Active RFID Scour Chains: Example of Two Braided Rivers (The Drac and the Veneon) in the French Alps
Guillaume Brousse; Frederic Liebault; Gilles Arnaud-Fassetta; Daniel Vazquez-Tarrio
19716 Experimental Observations on Sorting Patterns of Heterogeneous Sediment Mixtures in Low Constrained Flows
Costanza Carbonari; Francesco Tanganelli; Alain Recking; Luca Solari
19717 Field Data and Regional Modeling of Sediment Supply to Emilia-Romagna’s River Mouths
Silvia Cilli; Paolo Billi; Leonardo Schippa; Edoardo Grottoli; Paolo Ciavola
19718 New Methods for Predicting and Measuring Dispersion in Rivers
Jonathan Nelson; Richard Mcdonald; Carl Legleiter; Paul Kinzel; Travis Terrell-Ramos; Yutaka Higashi; Il Won Seo; Donghae Baek; Du Han Lee; Yonguk Ryu
19719 Predicting the Vortex Shedding Frequency at the Interface of the Lateral Cavities
Clement Perrot-Minot; Anuel Mignot; Nicolas Riviere; Richard Perkins
19720 Propagation of Aggrading Sediment Fronts in a Laboratory Flume
Alessio Radice; Stefania Unigarro Villota
19721 Reducing Darcy Coefficient by Using Drag Reduction Methods in Open-Channel Flows: Effect on Discharge Capacity and Potential Application to Mitigate River Flooding Impact
Anuel Mignot; Nicolas Riviere; Arnaud Lefevre; Bernard Quillien

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