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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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19591 A Flume Study to Investigate the Contribution of Main-Channel Bedforms on Levee Formation
Till Bran; Francisco Nuez-Gonzalez; Andreas Dittrich; Jochen Aberle
19592 Development and Implementation of Ecological and Economical Flood Protection Measures at an Alpine River
Ursula Stephan; Silke Kainz; Michael Hengl; Alexander Bickel; Markus Mhr; Wolfgang Burtscher
19593 Drag and Reynolds Stress Distribution Within Submerged Vegetation Canopies
Nina Nikora; Vladimir Nikora
19594 Dune Geometry Estimation Using Apparent Bedload Velocity as Predictor Variable
Gordon Gilja; Neven Kuspili
19595 Dynamic Characterization of Meandering Channels Planform
Lucas Dominguez; Ronald Gutierrez; Yoch Ponte; Jorge D. Abad; Oscar Carrera
19596 Effect of Riparian Vegetation Roots on Development of Meander Bends in Tarim River, Northwest China
Guo-An Yu; Zhiwei Li; He Qing Huang; Weiwei Yao
19597 Effect of Vegetation on Flows and Sediment Transport
Hela Romdhane; Amel Soualmia; Ludovic Cassan; Gilles Belaud
19598 Effects of a Large Woody Debris Accumulation on Channel-Bed Morphology During Flood Events
Gabriel Spreitzer; Heide Friedrich; Jon Tunnicliffe
19599 Evaluation of an Acoustic Doppler Technique for Bed-Load Transport Measurements in Sand-Bed Rivers
S. Conevski; A. Winterscheid; N. Ruther; M. Guerrero; C. Rennie
19600 Experimental Investigation of Low-Angle Dune Morphodynamics
Suleyman Naqshband; Bas Wullems; Timo De Ruijsscher; Ton Hoitink

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