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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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19681 Field Measurements of the Attractivity of Bypasses for Fishfriendly Trashrack
Fatma Lemkecher; Laurent David; Dominique Courret; Ludovic Chatellier
19682 Fish Behavior and Fish Guidance at Hydropower Intake Screens for Fish Downstream Passage
Franz Geiger; Mathilde Cuchet; Peter Rutschmann
19683 Measurement and Control of High Suspended Sediment Concentration During the Kurobe River Sediment Flushing with Submersible Type SMDP
Tetsuya Sumi; Saichiro Morita; Hideaki Komiya
19684 Fish Swimming Kinematics in a Turbulent Wake: To Spill or Not to Spill?
Valentine Muhawenimana; Catherine A. M. E. Wilson; Jo Cable
19685 Hydraulic Potential of the Lower Vistula (Poland)
Michal Szydlowski; Romuald Szymkiewicz; Dariusz Gasiorowski; Jakub Hakiel; Piotr Zima
19686 Hydropower Dams Threaten Freshwater Chilean Fish Species: What Dams and What Species?
Anita Laborde; Evelyn Habit; Oscar Link
19687 Numerical Modeling of Turbidity Currents with Ansys CFX and Telemac 3D
Magali Jodeau; Sabine Chamoun; Jiawei Feng; Giovanni De Cesare; Anton J. Schleiss
19688 Numerical Modelling of Bank Failures During Reservoir Draw-Down
Nils Reidar B. Olsen; Stefan Haun
19689 Numerical Modelling of Cantilever Failure and Effect of Slump Blocks on Meander Migration
Kattia Rubi Arnez Ferrel; Ichiro Kimura; Yasuyuki Shimizu
19690 Numerical Simulation of Lateral Dike Breaching Due to Overtopping
Benjamin Dewals; Ismail Rifai; Kamal El-Kadi Abderrazek; Massimo Greco; Cristiana Di Cristo; Michele Iervolino; Angelo Leopardi; Andrea Vacca

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