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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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19601 Experimental Study of the Transient Motion of Floats Reproducing Floating Wood in Rivers
Hossein Ghaffarian Roohparvar; Diego Lopez; Nicolas Riviere; Herve Piegay; Anuel Mignot
19602 Analysis for Underwater Sound on Natural River Habitat
Jung-Eun Gu; Sang Hwa Jung; Joongu Kang; Hyoseop Woo
19603 Experiments with Sediment Replenishment in a Residual Flow Reach: Comparison of Field Data with Laboratory Experiments
Severin Sthly; Anthony Matre; Mario J. Franca; Christopher T. Robinson; Anton J. Schleiss
19604 Flow Patterns over Vegetation Patches in the Natural Channel
Yonguk Ryu; Joongu Kang; Un Ji; Sanghwa Jung; Changlae Jang; Ellis Penning
19605 Flow Structure Around an Actual Willow Patch Under Different Depth Conditions
Chanjoo Lee; Donggu Kim; Sungjung Kim; Un Ji; Jihyun Kim; Dongwoo Ko
19606 Flow Structures in a Shallow Channel with Lateral Bed-Roughness Variation
Yulia Akutina; Frederic Moulin; Maxime Rouzes; Olivier Eiff
19607 Flume Experiments on Vegetated Alternate Bars
Giulio Calvani; Simona Francalanci; Luca Solari
19608 Geomorphic Effects of Gravel Augmentation on the Old Rhine River Downstream from the Kembs Dam (France, Germany)
Valentin Chardon; Laurent Schmitt; Herve Piegay; Fanny Arnaud; Jordane Serouilou; Jerme Houssier; Anne Clutier
19609 Geomorphic Identification of Physical Habitat Features in a Large, Altered River System
Lucie Guertault; Garey Fox; Shannon Brewer
19610 Hazards Due to Large Wood Accumulations: Local Scour and Backwater Rise
Isabella Schalko; Lukas Schmocker; Volker Weitbrecht; Robert M. Boes

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