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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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19611 Hydraulics of Braided River Dynamics. Insights from Flume Experiments
Riccardo Vesipa; Carlo Camporeale; Luca Ridolfi
19612 Hydrodynamic Simulation of an Irregularly Meandering Gravel-Bed River: Comparison of MIKE 21 FM and Delft3D Flow Models
Parna Parsapour-Moghaddam; Colin D. Rennie; Jonathan Slaney
19613 Bedload Transport in a Steep Alpine Stream: Assessment of Sediment Mobility and Virtual Velocity Using the Bedload Tracking
Riccardo Rainato; Lorenzo Picco; Daniele Oss Cazzador; Luca Mao
19614 Impacts of Gravel-Bed Rivers Transformation on Fluvial Ecosystems and Human Society: Examples from the Czech Flysch Carpathians
Vaclav Karpich; Miroslav Kubin; Toma Galia; Stanislav Ruman; Jan Hradeck
19615 Improving Bedload Transport Determination by Grain-Size Fraction Using the Swiss Plate Geophone Recordings at the Erlenbach Stream
Dieter Rickenmann; Nicolas Steeb; Alexandre Badoux
19616 Influence of Flood Regime on Riparian Vegetation Dynamics in Rivers with Alternate Bars
Camille Jourdain; Nicolas Claude; Germain Antoine; Pablo Tassi; Florian Cordier
19617 Influence of Hydrology, Sediment Supply and Sediment Gradation on River Bar Morphodynamics: Application to the Loire River at Brehemont (France)
Florian Cordier; Pablo Tassi; Nicolas Claude; Alessandra Crosato; Stephane Rodrigues; Damien Pham Van Bang
19618 Large Wood Recruitment and Mobility in Steep Mountain Streams of Contrast European Landscapes
Toma Galia; Vaclav Karpich; Radek Tichavsk
19619 LES Modelling of a Flow Within an Infinite Array of Randomly Placed Cylinders
Ana M. Ricardo; Dimokratis G. E. Grigoriadis; Rui M. L. Ferreira
19620 Limiting the Development of Riparian Vegetation in the Isere River: A Physical Modelling Study
Nicolas Claude; Clement Leroux; Marion Duclercq; Pablo Tassi; Kamal El Kadi Abderrezzak

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