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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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19621 Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Compound Open Channel with Rigid Vegetation on Flood Plain
Alireza Keshavarzi; Maryam Farzadkhoo; Hossein Hamidifar
19622 Morphodynamic Effects of Stone and Wooden Groynes in a Restored River Reach
Bahaeldeen Zaid; Paride Nardone; Michael Nones; Christoph Gerstgraser; Katinka Koll
19623 Morphological Development of River Widenings with Variable Sediment Supply
Cristina Rachelly; Volker Weitbrecht; David F. Vetsch; Robert M. Boes
19624 Bulk Scaling of Flow Characteristics in the Interior of Sparse, Emergent and Rigid Vegetation Patch
Soumen Maji; Prashanth Reddy Hanmaiahgari
19625 Near Wake of Emergent Vegetation Patches in Shallow Flow
Sina Wunder; Michele Trevisson; Christoph Heckele; Loc Chagot; Brendan Murphy; Stuart Mclelland; Frederic Moulin; Olivier Eiff
19626 Numerical Groyne Layout Optimisation for Restoration Projects in Large Rivers: An Adaptive Approach Towards a Desired Morphodynamic Equilibrium
Martin Glas; Michael Tritthart; Marcel Liedermann; Sebastian Pessenlehner; Helmut Habersack
19627 Numerical Simulation of Bedload Tracer Transport Associated with Sand Bar Formation, Bank Erosion, and Channel Migration
Toshiki Iwasaki; Satomi Yamaguchi; Hiroki Yabe
19628 On the Morphological Evolution of Restored Banks: Case Study of the Meuse River
Gonzalo Duro; Alessandra Crosato; Maarten Kleinhans; Wim Uijttewaal
19629 Predicting Floodplain Inundation and Vegetation Dynamics in Arid Wetlands
Steven G. Sandi; Patricia M. Saco; George Kuczera; Li Wen; Neil Saintilan; Jose F. Rodriguez
19630 Quantification of Bed-Load Transport over Dunes
Kenneth Lockwood; Patrick Grover; Ana Maria Ferreira Da Silva

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