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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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19631 Quantification of Potential Recruitment of Large Woody Debris in Mountain Catchments Considering the Effects of Vegetation on Hydraulic and Geotechnical Bank Erosion and Shallow Landslides
Eric Gasser; Andrew Simon; Paolo Perona; Luuk Dorren; Johannes Hubl; Massimiliano Schwarz
19632 Quantification of the Morphodynamics and Ecological Functionality of a Mediterranean River
Margot Chapuis; Amine Ait Elabas; Katia Souriguere; Franck Compagnon; Vincent Mayen; Benot Terrier
19633 River Improvement Techniques for Mitigating River Bed Degradation and Channel Width Reduction in the Sandy Hii River Where Sediment Transport Occurs at Normal Times
Takahisa Gotoh; Shoji Fukuoka
19634 Roots Characteristics of a Flexible and Mature Vegetation: Preliminary Results of Experimental Investigation in a Meandering Laboratory Flume
Donatella Termini; Alice Di Leonardo
19635 Calibration of a Numerical Model for the Transport of Floating Wooden Debris
Elisabetta Persi; Gabriella Petaccia; Stefano Sibilla; Jose Ignacio Garcia-Palacin; Pilar Brufau; Pilar Garcia-Navarro
19636 Sediment Management in Tidal River: A Case Study of East Beel Khuksia, Bangladesh
Rocky Talchabhadel; Hajime Nakagawa; Kenji Kawaike
19637 Self-Adjustment Process of Flow Pathway in a Narrow Curved Channel
Hiroshi Hayakawa; Tomonori Kitao; Nobuo Sato
19638 Shallow Flow over a Bed with a Lateral Change of Roughness
Victor Dupuis; Frederic Moulin; Sebastien Cazin; Mose Marchal; Pierre Elyakime; Jean-Dominique Barron; Olivier Eiff
19639 Spillway Blockage Caused by Large Wood in Reservoirs
Paloma Furlan; Michael Pfister; Jorge Matos; Anton J. Schleiss
19640 Studies on Driftwood Motions Around Obstacles by Laboratory and Numerical Experiments
Ichiro Kimura; Kazuya Kitazono

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