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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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ID Title Authors Year
19641 Targeted Water Releases to Flush Fine Sediment Out of a Bypassed Reach of the Durance River Downstream of Four Dams
Remi Loire; Herve Piegay; Jean-Rene Malavoi; Leah Beche; Quentin Dumoutier; Julie Mosseri
19642 The Influence of Large Wood and Rootwad on Flow Patterns and Bed Morphology in a Moving Bed Channel
Su-Chin Chen; Min-Chih Liang; Samkele Tfwala
19643 Transport and Deposition of Fine Sediment in a Channel Partly Covered by Flexible Vegetation
Walter Box; Kaisa Vstil; Juha Jrvel
19644 Using Tree-Rings to Determine Large Wood Residence Time and Transport Pulses in a Gravelbed River
Maxime Boivin; Thomas Buffin-Belanger; Dominique Arseneault
19645 Validation of High-Precision Effects of a Movable Riverbed Simulation Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Structure from Motion
Masatoshi Denda
19646 Calibration Procedure of Hydraulic Simulations for the Microhabitat Method
Ludovic Cassan; Helene Roux; Dominique Courret; Sylvain Richard
19647 Characterization of Bedload Discharge in Bores and Very Unsteady Flows in an Ephemeral Channel
Eran Halfi; Vishal Deshpande; Joel P. L. Johnson; David Katoshevski; Ian Reid; Yael Storz-Peretz; Jonathan B. Laronne
19648 Cycloid Flows Induced by the Large Horizontal Coherent Structures in the Vegetated Compound Channel
Truong Hong Son; Wsj Uijttewaal
19649 Defining and Characterizing Wood-Laden Flows in Rivers Using Home Videos
V. Ruiz-Villanueva; L. Burkli; B. Mazzorana; L. Mao; D. Ravazzolo; P. Barren; E. Wohl; F. Nakamura; M. Stoffel
19650 Impact Analysis of Sand Dredging from Alluvial Tidal River
Md Kabirul Islam; Numan Al Kibriya; Md. Maruf Dustegir

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