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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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ID Title Authors Year
19651 Performance of a Fish Pass for Multiple Species: Scale Model Investigation
Didier Bousmar; Estelle Courtois; Loc Van Audenhaege; Xavier Rollin
19652 Prediction of Bridge Pier Scour Depth and Field Scour Depth Monitoring
Fong-Zuo Lee; Jihn-Sung Lai; Yuan-Bin Lin; Kuo-Chun Chang; Xiaoqin Liu; Cheng-Chia Huang
19653 Reservoir Sedimentation Impact Downstream in a Semi-Arid Basin with Greenhouses Cultivation
Sergio Arjona; Agustin Millares; Asuncion Baquerizo
19654 River Bank Erosion Opposite to Transverse Groynes
Alessandra Crosato; Jose Bonilla-Porras; Arthur Pinkse; Tsegaye Yirga Tiga
19655 Scour Monitoring on Bridge Pier–Methodology and Implementation
A. Florens; Christophe Chevalier; Frederique Larrarte; Franziska Schmidt; Edouard Durand
19656 Scouring Due to Submerged Sills
Ashley Dudill; Jose Vasquez; Dave Mclean
19657 Sediment Balance of a Cascade of Alpine Reservoirs Based on Multi-Decadal Data Records
Sebastian Guillen Ludea; Pedro Manso; Anton J. Schleiss; Benno Schwegler; Jan Stamm; Andres Fankhauser
19658 Similitude of Scour Around Bridge Piers
Oscar Link; Bernd Ettmer
19659 Three Dimensional Flow Structures Around a Deep Scour Hole
Akihiro Tominaga; Naohiko Sassa; Yuji Hara; Yuka Kuno
19660 Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Hydraulics and Morphodynamics of the Schwarzenbach Reservoir
Kilian Mouris; Felix Beckers; Stefan Haun

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