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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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19661 Influence of Lateral Embayments on Suspended Sediment Transport Under Unsteady Flow Conditions
Carmelo Juez; Matthias Thalmann; Anton J. Schleiss; Mario J. Franca
19662 Toward an Operational Approach for the Characterization and Modelling of Fine Sediments Dynamics in Reservoirs
Christophe Peteuil; Magali Jodeau; Matthieu De Linares; Eric Valette; Damien Alliau; Carole Wirz; Thierry Fretaud; Germain Antoine; Matthieu Secher
19663 Viscosity Effects on Local Scour Around Vertical Structures in Clear-Water Conditions
Costantino Manes; Francesco Coscarella; Ashley Rogers; Roberto Gaudio
19664 Wave Erosion of Cohesive and non-Cohesive Embankments: Laboratory Experiments
Yavuz Ozeren; Daniel Wren
19665 Comparison Between the Circular and Square Collar in Reduction of Local Scouring Around Bridge Piers
Saeed Reza Khodashenas; Hossain Shariati; Kazem Esmaeeli
19666 Degradational Response of Engineered Channels to Changes in the Upstream Controls and Channel Width: Simplified 1D Numerical Simulations
Meles Siele; Astrid Blom; Enrica Viparelli
19667 Design Optimization of Permeable Sediment Traps for Fluvial Bed Load Transport
Anita Roth; Mona Jafarnejad; Sebastian Schwindt; Anton Schleiss
19668 Development and Tests of a 3D Fish-Tracking Videometry System for an Experimental Flume
Martin Detert; Cornelia Schutz; Rebekka Czerny
19669 Direct Field Observations of Massive Bedload and Debris-Flow Depositions in Open Check Dams
Guillaume Piton; Firmin Fontaine; Herve Bellot; Frederic Liebault; Coraline Bel; Alain Recking; Therese Hugerot
19670 Equilibrium Scour Morphology Downstream of Rock Sills Under Unsteady Flow Conditions
Stefano Pagliara; Michele Palermo

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