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Proceedings of the 9th River Flow (Lyon, 2018)

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ID Title Authors Year
19671 Estimating Large Woody Debris Volume and Distribution Floated and Accumulated in Reservoir Using Aerial Photographs
Waku Suzuki; Sohei Kobayashi; Sameh Kantoush; Yasuhiro Takemon; Tetsuya Sumi
19672 Investigation of Local Scour Around Tandem Piers for Different Skew-Angles
Sargol Memar; Mohammad Zounemat-Kermani; Ali-Asghar Beheshti; Giovanni De Cesare; Anton J. Schleiss
19673 Estimating Reservoir Sedimentation at Large Dams in India
David C. Froehlich
19674 Evaluating an Optimum Slit Check Dam Design by Using a 2D Unsteady Numerical Model
Su-Chin Chen; Samkele Tfwala
19675 Experimental Investigation of Reservoir Sediments
Felix Beckers; Stefan Haun; Markus Noack
19676 Experimental Study of Submerged Vanes in Intakes Under Sediment Feeding Conditions
Asl Bor Turkben
19677 Experimental Study of the Bed Morphology Downstream of a Sluice Gate
Luis Carvalho; Elsa Carvalho; Rui Aleixo; Maria Manuela C. L. Lima
19678 Experimental Study of the Velocity Field Induced by a Propeller Jet in an Inland-Ship Model and the Related Bed Scour
Francisco Nuez-Gonzalez; Katinka Koll; Detlef Spitzer
19679 Experimental Study on the Performance Analysis of River Levee Using New Substance for Improving Earth Surface Resistance
Dongwoo Ko; Joongu Kang; Sungjoong Kim; Yonguk Ryu
19680 Factors Influencing the Sediment Delivery Ratio of the Three Gorges Reservoir
Dayu Wang; Chunhong Hu; Chunming Fang; Jianzhao Guan; Lei Zhang

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