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Proceedings of the 16th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Dunedin, 2002)

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ID Title Authors Year
19842 Experimental Study on Benthic Fish Habitats in an Ice Covered River
T. Nogami; Y. Watanabe; M. Nakatsugawa; F. Nakamura; K. Kamura; H. Yamada; S. Tsuchiya; K. Watanabe; H. Iwase
19843 Effect of Ice on Water Flow at Saloma Lagoon
Shunsuke Makita; Hiroshi Saeki; Atsumi Furuya
19844 Unsteady Velocity Profiles Under a Floating Cover
Dan Healy; Faye Hicks; Mark Loewen
19845 Forecasting Ice Jam Risk at Fort Mcmurray, Ab, Using Fuzzy Logic
C. Mahabir; F. E. Hicks; A. Robinson Fayek
19846 Preventing Frazil Ice Accumulations at Hydroelectric Facilities
Brian Morse; Tung-Thanh Quach
19847 Winter Processes in an Estuarine Environment
Brian Morse; Danielle Messier; Edward Stander; Tung-Thanh Quach
19848 Overview of Bergy Bit Impact Trials
Robert Gagnon; David Cumming; Ron Ritch; Robin Browne; Michelle Johnston; Robert Frederking; Richard Mckenna; Freeman Ralph
19849 Linear Kinematic Features in Arctic Sea Ice
Mark A. Hopkins; Alan S. Thorndike
19850 Simulation of River Ice in a Bridge Design for Buckland, Alaska
M. A. Hopkins; S. F. Daly; D. R. Shearer; W. Townsend
19851 Freshwater Ice Monitoring in Canada-an Assessment of Canadian Contributions for Global Climate Monitoring
Ross D. Brown; Claude R. Duguay; Barry E. Goodison; Terry D. Prowse; Bruce Ramsay; Anne E. Walker

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