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Proceedings of the 16th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Dunedin, 2002)

This collection accommodates the articles of the Proceedings of the 16th IAHR International Symposium on Ice, which was held in Dunedin, New Zealand during December 2-6, 2002.

ID Title Authors Year
19842 Experimental Study on Benthic Fish Habitats in an Ice Covered River
T. Nogami; Y. Watanabe; M. Nakatsugawa; F. Nakamura; K. Kamura; H. Yamada; S. Tsuchiya; K. Watanabe; H. Iwase
19843 Effect of Ice on Water Flow at Saloma Lagoon
Shunsuke Makita; Hiroshi Saeki; Atsumi Furuya
19844 Unsteady Velocity Profiles Under a Floating Cover
Dan Healy; Faye Hicks; Mark Loewen
19845 Forecasting Ice Jam Risk at Fort Mcmurray, Ab, Using Fuzzy Logic
C. Mahabir; F. E. Hicks; A. Robinson Fayek
19846 Preventing Frazil Ice Accumulations at Hydroelectric Facilities
Brian Morse; Tung-Thanh Quach
19847 Winter Processes in an Estuarine Environment
Brian Morse; Danielle Messier; Edward Stander; Tung-Thanh Quach
19848 Overview of Bergy Bit Impact Trials
Robert Gagnon; David Cumming; Ron Ritch; Robin Browne; Michelle Johnston; Robert Frederking; Richard Mckenna; Freeman Ralph
19849 Linear Kinematic Features in Arctic Sea Ice
Mark A. Hopkins; Alan S. Thorndike
19850 Simulation of River Ice in a Bridge Design for Buckland, Alaska
M. A. Hopkins; S. F. Daly; D. R. Shearer; W. Townsend
19851 Freshwater Ice Monitoring in Canada-an Assessment of Canadian Contributions for Global Climate Monitoring
Ross D. Brown; Claude R. Duguay; Barry E. Goodison; Terry D. Prowse; Bruce Ramsay; Anne E. Walker

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