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Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Water System Operations (2021)

The 2nd International Symposium on Water System Operations (ISWSO2020) brings together researchers and practitioners in the field of monitoring, modelling and optimisation of water systems operations.

The symposium is the second in the new IAHR series, started by the successful ISWSO2018 in Beijing, China. The symposium was originally meant to be held in Summer 2020 but, due to the cover-19 pandemic, it was postponed to September 2021 and held as an on-line event, comprising a mix of invited talks, panel discussions, and interactive sessions where participants can present their work in short (2-minutes) presentations and discuss in breakout rooms.

This collection contains all the submitted extended abstracts.

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ID Title Authors Year
20215 The Key Technologies of Intelligent Urban Drainage Management
Xiaohui Lei; Yu Liu
20216 Assessing the Resilience of Water Distribution Networks Under Different Sensor Network Architectures and Data Sampling Frequencies
Siling Chen; F. Brokhausen; P. Wiesner; L. Thamsen; A. Cominola
20217 IoT Platform for Failure Management in Water Transmission System
J. Perez-Padillo; F. Puig; J. Garcia Morillo; P. Montesinos
20218 Open-Source IoT Platform for Smart Irrigation Systems
F. Puig; J. A. Rodriguez; A. Soriano; E. Camacho; R. Gonzalez
20219 Investigating Water Quality Sampling Frequency in Urban Surface Freshwater
E. Coraggio; Dawei Han; Claire Gronow; Theo Tryfonas
20220 Making River Health Data from Citizen Science Projects More Engaging for the Public
Tim Culmer
20221 Real-Time Ensemble Forecast and Data Assimilation of Highresolution Urban Flood Inundation Based on Distributed GPU Parallelization
Junyu Wei; Weihong Liao; Xiangyu Luo; Xiaohui Lei; Haocheng Huang; Hao Wang
20222 Forecasting of Irrigation Water Demand at Farm Level for Energy Tariff Periods Using Coactive Neuro-Genetic Fuzzy Systems
R. Gonzalez Perea; E. Camacho Poyato; J. A. Rodriguez Diaz
20223 Combined Clustering and Prediction of Daily Water and Energy Usage in Multi-Family Residential and Commercial Buildings
M. Frankel; L. Xing; C. Chewning; L. Sela
20224 Real-Time Control of Stormwater Reservoirs for Flood Risk Mitigation
Marcus Nobrega Gomes Junior; Marcio Hofheinz Giacomoni; Eduardo Mario Mendiondo; Ahmad F. Taha

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