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Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Water System Operations (Beijing, 2018)

The temporally and spatially uneven distribution of water resources is rather common all over the world. Hydraulic engineering is one of the most important infrastructures to address such problems since it can deal with flood defense, water supply, irrigation, and hydropower etc.

There are a large number of reservoirs all over the world, and China alone has over 98,000 of them. The existence of these reservoirs has greatly changed the natural runoff processes, leading to a lot of difficulties in optimal reservoir operation. In addition, inter-basin water diversion project, although ecologically controversial, is an important measure to alleviate the water crisis. Up to now, more than 350 water diversion projects have been built in at least 40 countries and regions around the world. Many hydro-solar-wind multi-energy systems along the reservoirs and inter-basin water diversion systems are planned and constructed.

It is now clear that, compared with the earlier generation of water projects, new and/or additional sources of water are becoming scarce, more expensive to develop, require more expertise and technological know-how for planning, design, implementation and operation, and often could result in more social and environmental disruptions. Not surprisingly, there is an increasing realization that scientific understanding of water systems operations is essential and necessary for efficiently and effectively manage the existing water projects, which help for future human welfare.

The goal of this symposium is to bring together researchers of academia and practitioners to share latest scientific advancements, emerging technologies, and directions in issues relevant to water system operations. This conference will provide opportunities to present novel research results and networking for future activities.

This event coincides with many other events in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the host institute, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR). In this respect, we are liaising with many other international association such as ICOLD, ICID-CIID, others. Participants of this symposium will enjoy discounted or free access to the 60th anniversary technical events.

For more details, please visit the website of this symposium.

ID Title Authors Year
20300 Study on the Evolution Law of Density Current in the Xiaolangdi Reservoir Before the Flood in 2018
Xinjie Li; Yuanjian Wang; Shaojun Qu; Ting Wang; Kunpeng Li
20301 The Study of Flood Forecast Based on Precipitation Ensemble Forecast
Xiao Yang; Wu Xin; Ye Wang; Deqin Cao
20302 The Practice of Water Operation and Groundwater Protection in the Middle Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project
Jia Li; Yuan-yuan Gao; Liu-qing Yan; Jian-wen Yao; Gui-fang Chen
20303 Experimental Study on the Critical Initiation of Reservoir Fluid Mud Motions
Kunpeng Li; Enhui Jiang; Yuanjian Wang
20304 Study on Confirmation of Water Right in Yangyuan County, China
Meng Zeng; Meiyu Liu; Aixi Gong; Weici Quan; Zihao Man
20305 The Application and Research of Dynamic Control the Flood Limited Water Level of Wuqiangxi Reservoir
Xin Wu; Ping Zhong
20306 Linear Quadratic Optimal Controller Design for Constant Downstream Water-Level PI Feedback Control of Open-Canal Systems
Ke Zhong; Guanghua Guan; Zhonghao Mao; Wenjun Liao; Changcheng Xiao; Haiwang Su
20307 A Uniform Spatial Allocation Strategy in Solving Water Resources Optimization Dispatch Problem
Jiahui Sun; Xiaohui Lei; Ji Liang; Chao Wang; Liang Men
20308 Runoff Forecasting Benefit Evaluation for Long-Term Power Generation Scheduling
Xiaoling Ding; Jianzhong Zhou; Xiaocong Mo; Chao Wang; Yongqiang Wang
20309 Soil Water Balance and Water Use Efficiency of Rain-Fed Maize Under a Cool Temperate Climate as Modeled by the AquaCrop
Weimin Wang; Xue Dong; Yanyun Lu; Xunliang Liu; Ruining Zhang; Meng Li; Linjing Tian; Yue Ding; Xiao Pu

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