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Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Nanjing, 2022)

This proceedings accommodates the abstracts and papers of the 14th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics, which has been hosted during October 10-14, 2022 in Nanjing, China by IAHR's Technical Committee on Ecohydraulics and jointly organized by Hohai University, Tsinghua UniversityNanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, and Yangtze Institute for Conservation and Development.

Ecohydraulics is a rapidly developing inter-discipline of ecology and hydraulics brought about by the ever-growing concern of aquatic and riparian ecology. Since its first edition in 1994, the International Symposia on Ecohydraulics (ISE) have provided platforms for scientists and engineers worldwide to discuss cutting-edge scientific progress, compare and evaluate state-of-the-art technical methods, and recommend them to the end-users. ISE 2022 covers a wide spectrum of topics related to ecohydraulics in theory and in practice, including the hydrological, hydraulic, morphodynamic, structural, ecological, biological, and technical aspects of the discipline. Five high-profile keynote speeches will be presented. We are expecting you to present at the symposium and share the latest advancement of your research with the international scientific community. Special issues on Journal of Ecohydraulics, International Journal of Sediment Research, Ecohydrology, and Environmental Science & Ecotechnology focusing on this conference will be published. Traditionally, ISE features an ECoENet pre-conference workshop which helps early career researchers working in ecohydraulics find opportunities and overcome challenges. Starting from the current edition, ISE plans to provide an interactive lecture for a helpful technical tool applied in one of these three topics: (1) fieldwork, (2) lab experiments, and (3) numerical simulations, and rotate among them in the future.

ID Title Authors Year
21972 Evaluating the Effects of Heat Transfer in Riparian Vegetation Canopy on Vegetated Flow
Giuseppe Francesco Cesare Lama
21973 Optimal Regulation of River Ecology Based on Coupling Simulation of Water Quantity and Water Quality
Wenqi Wang; Siru Wang; Jinhua Sun; Jiaxi Luo; Shiwen Zhao; Yi Lu; Jicheng Hu
21974 Integration of Environmental Fluvial Assessment with Flooding Analysis for Restoration of Urban Rivers´ Systems
Jose-Luis Molina; Maria-Carmen Molina; Fernando Espejo; Santiago Zazo
21975 Extending Meso-Scale Habitat Models to Temporary Rivers: Possible Approaches and Software Applications
Paolo Vezza; Giovanni Negro; Beatrice Pinna; Riccardo Pellicano; Didac Jorda Capdevila; Monica Bardina; Antoni Munne
21976 Morphological Quality and Macroinvertebrate Diversity of the Gravel-Bed Shiting River, Sichuan Province
Songyi Li; Shan Zheng
21977 Quantity Analysis the Channel Habitat Quality Using an Ecohydraulic Model
Yike Li; Pengcheng Li; Meixia Bao; Qianqian Wang; Weiwei Yao
21978 Natural and Artificial Refugia in Dynamic River Widenings
Paul Demuth; David F. Vetsch; Robert M. Boes; Volker Weitbrecht; Cristina Rachelly
21979 What Drives the Plant Distribution in the Riparian Zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
Shanze Li; Yuchun Wang; Jie Wen; Yufei Bao
21980 Post-Processing of Reservoir Releases to Support Real-Time Reservoir Operation and Its Effects on Downstream Hydrological Alterations
Shan He
21981 Application for Technology of Ecological Interception Pre-Reservoir in the Confluence of River and Lake
Yimin Zhang; Lai Qiuying; Jianying Cao; Fei Yang; Ming Kong; Yueming Zhu; Tao Zhang

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