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Proceedings of the 21st IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Dalian 2012)

This collection accommodates the articles of the Proceedings of the 21st IAHR International Symposium on Ice, which was held in Dalian, China during June 11-15, 2012.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Committee on Ice Research and Engineering for helping with the preparation of the data and files that were used to build this collection.

ID Title Authors Year
27028 Field Investigation of the Geostrophic Motions in the Ice-Covered Lake Paajarvi
William Rizk; Georgiy Kirillin; Matti Lepparanta
27029 Convective Mixing by Solar Radiation Under Lake Ice
Georgiy Kirillin; William Rizk; Matti Lepparanta
27030 Optical Study of Ice Cover on Estonian Lakes
Ants Erm; Ove Parn; Fred Buschmann
27031 Ice Season on Lake Kilpisjarvi in Arctic Tundra
Matti Lepparanta; Kunio Shirawawa; Toru Takatsuka
27032 Hydrography and Circulation in a Coastal Site of the Gulf of Finland During the Ice Season
Ioanna Merkouriadi; Matti Lepparanta
27033 Seasonal Variability of Antarctic Ice-Covered Lakes Ecosystems, Eastern Antarctica
Alexey Tolstikov; Andrey Sharov
27034 Water Quality Characteristics of Ice-Covered, Stagnant, Eutrophic Water Bodies as Influenced by Climate Change
Kouki Sugihara; Makoto Nakatsugawa
27035 Spatial Distribution and Potential Ecological Risk of Heavy Metals in Sediments of Ulansuhai Lake During Ice-on Period
Shengnan Zhao; Changyou Li; Xiaohong Shi; Yun Wu; Suzhen Feng; Xujin Fu
27036 Temperature and Oxygen Regime of the Shallow Ice-Covered Lake in Winter and Spring
G. Zdorovennova; R. Zdorovennov; N. Palshin; A. Terzhevik
27037 Contribution of New Endogenous Pollutants and Their Treatment During the Icebound Period of a Shallow Lake
Xiaohong Shi; Changyou Li; Fang Yang; Wenbao Li; Cairui Fan

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