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Proceedings of the 2nd IAHR Symposium on Ice and its Action on Hydraulic Structures (Leningrad 1972)

This collection accommodates the articles of the Proceedings of the 2nd IAHR Symposium on Ice and its Action on Hydraulic Structures, which was held in Leningrad, Finland during September 26-29, 1972.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Committee on Ice Research and Engineering for helping with the preparation of the data and files that were used to build this collection.

ID Title Authors Year
28753 Dependence of Mechanical Properties of Ice on Its Structure
K. F. Voitkovsky; V. N. Golubev
28754 The Modulus of Elasticity of Sea Ice Shown by Direct Tension and Compression Tests of Small Specimens
Philip R. Johnson
28755 The Ultimate Failure of a Floating Ice Sheet
Donald E. Nevel
28756 Preliminary Results of Plane Strain Compression Tests on Columnar-Grained Ice
R. Frederking
28757 Stressed Ice Cover State Due to Thermal Wave and Related Underwater Noise in the Ocean
V. V. Bogorodsky; V. P. Gavrilo; A. V. Gusev; Z. M. Gudkovich; A. P. Polyakov
28758 Structural Features of Ice Adhesion to Solids
B. A. Savelyev; V. N. Golubev; M. N. Laptev; I. B. Savelyev
28759 Prediction of Sea Ice Physical Properties by Use of Radar
R. C. Byrd; M. Yerkes; W. M. Sackinger; T. E. Osterkamp
28760 Force Fluctuations During Ice-Floe Impact on Piers
C. R. Neill
28761 Experimental Determination of Ice Impact Loads on Marine Vehicles
Roderick Y. Edwards; James W. Wheaton
28762 Brittle Fracture of Polycrystalllne Ice Under Compressive Loadings
Donald S. Carter

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