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Book of Abstracts of the 15th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (Beijing, 2024)

The 15th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (HIC2024), hosted by China's Ministry of Water Resources, IAHR, and IWA, and organized by IWHR, concluded in Beijing on May 29, convening nearly 500 representatives from 34 countries/regions. 

The event included 3 plenary sessions, 48 parallel sessions, and 235 technical presentations, and witnessed the announcement of the Beijing Initiative Digital Twins for Water and the release of SkyLIM, the model series independently developed by IWHR.

ID Title Authors Year
29834 Integrating Digital City Model for Sustainable Stormwater Management Under Climate Change: A Case Study of Nature-Based Solutions in Udonthani City; Thailand
Fahad Ahmed; Lars Backhaus; Ho Huu Loc; Mukand Singh Babel; Juergen Stamm
29835 GIS-Based Machine Learning Applications as Decision Support Systems to Enhance Groundwater Monitoring Networks
V. Gomez-Escalonilla; P. Martinez-Santos; S. Diaz-Alcaide; E. Montero Gonzalez; M. Martin-Loeches
29836 GIS for Water Utilities Web Center
Panyawatsirithum; Wariyanan Marwan
29837 Strategy of Water Transfer Efficiency Improvement in Central Route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project
Xinlei Guo; Jiajia Pan; Hui Fu; Tao Wang; Jiazhen Li; Yuzhuang Chen
29838 Leak Detection Through Acoustic Signal Clustering with Gaussian Mixture Modelling
Y. Yu; S. Rabab; R. Collins; T. Alps; E. Hampton; J. Boxall
29839 Leak Localization in Long Water Conveyance Pipes by Transient Wave-Based Method
Asiedu R. Sarpong; Ling Zhou; Tongchuan Che
29840 Identification and Localization of Background Leakage Using Customer Consumption Data
S. Rabab; R. Collins; Y. Yu; A. Taliana; S. Trow; J. Boxall
29841 Urban Environment and Sustainable Drainage Approach in the Mediterranean Climate Context: Toward Guideline for Pre-Project Assessment
Erika Llerena Ona; Morgan Abily; Olivier Delestre; Jeremy Targosz; Beniamino Russo; Jackson Tellez; Yannick Mamindy-Pajany; Felix Billaud
29842 Utilizing AQUARIUS as Water Resource Management Software: A Decision Support Tool in the Operational Area of Jasa Tirta I State-Owned Enterprise; Indonesia
Rasyid Muhammad Amirul Muttaqin; Astria Nugrahany; Heddy Bramantya
29843 A Hybrid Approach Integrating CE-QUAL-W2 with Neural Network-Based Boundary Condition Prediction in Soyang Reservoir; Republic of Korea
Sungjin Kim; Sewoong Chung

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