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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7706 Surface Roughness Parameterization to Account for Subgrid Scale Topography in Shallow Water Flow Modeling
Ilhan Özgen; Katharina Teuber; Dongfang Liang; Reinhard Hinkelmann
7707 A Numerical Study on Vortex-Induced Vibration of an Array of Circular Cylinders
Lin Cheng; Pengzhi Lin
7708 Numerical Modelling of the Impact of Sea Level Rise on Large Tidal Inlet/Basin Systems
Pushpa Dissanayake; Harshinie Karunarathna; Roshanka Ranasinghe
7709 Reverse Flood Routing in Rivers
Gokmen Tayfur; Tommaso Moramarco
7710 Operating Rules for Temascal-Cerro De Oro Hydropower System in Mexico
Maritza Liliana Arganis-Juárez; Rosalva Mendoza-Ramírez; Ramón Domínguez Mora; Eliseo Carrizosa Elizondo
7711 Mathematical Simulation of Agriculture Drainage Water Quality and Quantity and Its Effect on El-Nobaria Canal
S. A. K. Hassanin
7712 Daily Rainfall Disaggregation for Flood Estimation
Phuong Cu Thi; James E Ball
7713 Comparison of Hydrological Data Obtained from Siatl, a Geographic Information System and Network Bandas
Irving Javier Acencio Gasca; Ramón Domínguez Mora; Maritza Liliana Arganis Juárez; Martín Rubén Jiménez Magaña; Eliseo Carrizosa Elizondo
7714 Evaluation of Uncertainty Estimates in Distributed Hydrological Modeling for Micro Watershed in Godavari River in India Using Sufi-2, and Parasol Methods
Regulwar D. G. ; Nagargoje Sonali R.
7715 Mechanisms of Damage During Typhoon Haiyan: Storm Surge, Wave S, and “Tsunami-Like” Surf Beat
Jeremy D. Bricker; Volker Roeber

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