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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7737 The Use of Symplectic Time Integrators in Hydroinformatics
D. Violeau; C. Peyrard; E. Dombre
7993 Hydraulic Modeling of Sediment-Trapping Structures in a Self-Forming, Braided Channel
Robert Ettema; Christopher Thornton; Steve Abt; Caroline Ubing
7738 Numerical Simulation of 3D Turbulent Flow in Open-Channel Expansions
Sahar Najmeddin; S. Samuel Li
7994 A Consistent Suite of Models for Flood Risk Management
R. M. Slomp; F. Diermanse; H. De W Aal; J. Stijnen; J. Noort; L. Wentholt
7739 Predicting Channel Width Using the Basin Area and River Incline with Consideration of Geology Type
Norio Harada; Kana Nakatani; Yoshifumi Satofuka; And Takahisa Mizuyama
7995 Is Harvesting Blue Energy Feasible in the Sea Scheldt River, Flanders, Belgium? Finding a Suitable Location for Testing Different in-River Free Flow Turbines
Toon Goormans; Steven Smets; Roel Notelé
7740 Vegetation Characteristics and Floodplain Topography from Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Hydraulic Analyses
Johanna Jalonen; Juha Järvelä; Kaisa Västilä
7996 Hydraulic Effects of an Inflatable Rubber Weir Located over a Wes Original Spillway Profile: Experimental and CFD Approaches
Sarai Díaz; Javier González
7741 The Study of the Non-Engineering Measures on the Coastal Protection in Taiwan
Wei-Po Huang; Lien-Kwei Chien; Yen Hsuan Tsao
7997 Impact of Acoustic Doppler Technology on Catchment Hydrology
Daniel Wagenaar; Isaac Jones

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