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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7742 Appropriate Flood Risk Assessment Tools for Predicting Flood Inundation Extent and Assessing Flood Hazard Risk for Flash Flood Events
Davor Kvočka; Roger A. Falconer; Michaela Bray
7998 Uncertainty Propagation in a Flood Model Cascade Under Different Rainfall Generation Processes
J. P. Rodríguez-Rincón; J. A. Breña Naranjo; A. Pedrozo-Acuña
7743 Design Flood Estimation with Consideration of Structure Blockage
W Weeks; Je Ball; M Babister; M Retallick
7999 A Numerical Assessment for the Effect of Filling a Sea Caldron on Seaweed Expansion and Habitat Environment for Aquatic Species
Tomoki Izumi; Takaaki Kanaguchi; Masayuki Fujihara
7744 Evaluation of Ecohydraulic Effectiveness of an Artificial Fish Nest in an Agricultural Drainage Canal
Shigeya Maeda; Hibiki Tanigawa; Koshi Yoshida; Hisao Kuroda
8000 The Equilibrium Adsorption Experiment on Phosphorus for Sediment Colonized by Biofilm
Huiming Zhao; Hongw Ei Fang; Yishan Chen; Yuefeng Zhang; Chunqing Chi
7745 Labyrinth Weirs: Developments Until 1985
Willi H. Hager; Michael Pfister; Blake P. Tullis
8001 Study for Stability of Armor Cncrete Blocks Covering Coastal Dikes for Overflow in Tsunami
Kuniaki Oi; Kenjirou Hayashi; Tsuyosi Tada; Yoshihisa Miyata
7746 Coastal Flooding as Parameter in Α Multi-Criteria Analysis for Industrial Site Selection
Ch. Giannakidou; D. Diakoulaki; C. D. Memos
8002 Realistic Flow Time Series Generation Approach
Bruno Oliveira; Rodrigo Maia

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