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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7836 The Research on 3D Visualization System of Dam-Break Flood Routing Based on Google Earth
Maosong Bian; Min Han
7837 Research on Hierarchical Flood Operation Mode for the Three Gorges Reservoir
Ting Hu; Yun Wang; Xing-E Hu; Hai Wang
7838 Physical Processes Affecting Pollutant Levels Discharged from Outfalls in Sulaibikhat Bay: Kuwait
Yousef Alosairi; Tanuspong Pokavanich; Altaf Taqi; Ali Hammad
7839 Impacts of Climate Variability on River Ice Phenology of Ningxia-Inner Mongolia Reach in the Upper Yellow River
Yuan Si; Xiang Li; Dongqin Yin; Tiejian Li; Yuefei Huang
7840 Modeling Water Exchange in Cigu Lagoon, Taiwan
Ting-Chieh Lin; Shih-Chun Hsiao; Chih-Min Hsieh; Pengzhi Lin
7841 An Approach for Estimating Settling Velocity in Turbulent Flows
Sebnem Elçi̇
7842 Wave Overtopping Numerical Simulation Using Open Foam
Karagiannis N; Karambas Th; Koutitas Chr
7843 Experimental Evaluation of a Rubble Mound with One Layer Cubic Blocks Using Video Image Analysis
Francisco Taveira-Pinto; Liliana Almeida; Lucília Luís
7844 Influence of the Placement Technique on Double-Layer Cube Armor Stability of Breakwaters Constructed on Steep Foreshores
Maria P. Herrera; Ainoha Hoyos; Jorge Molines; Josep R. Medina
7845 Spatially-Explicit Characterization of the Extreme Distribution of Tropical Cyclone-Induced Flood Risk
Manuel Del Jesus; Javier Díez; Alexandra Toimil; Fernando J. Méndez; Raúl Medina

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