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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7956 Anthropogenic Nutrient Leaching Alters the Size Distribution of Suspended Particle Matter
Fiona H. M. Tang; Federico Maggi
8212 Unidirectional Wave Spectrum Models for Chabahar Bay, Gulf of Oman
M. Shafieefar; R. Panahi; R. Gharangian
7957 Riparian Buffer Hydrology: Representing Catchment-Wide Implementation and the Influence on Flood Risk
Linsey Mclean; Dr. Lindsay Beevers; Dr. Mark Wilkinson; Dr. Gerry Starrs; Prof. Gareth Pender
8213 Stochastic Approach for Stormwater Tank Assessment
De Paola Francesco; Galdiero Enzo; Gualtieri Carlo; Pugliese Francesco; Giugni Maurizio
7958 A Semi-Analytical Model on Subsidence of a Multi-Aquifer System
Yu-Yun Lin; Yin-Jen Chen
7959 A Risk-Based Methodology for Freshwater Management: Managing Saline and Freshwater Interaction in the Rhine-Meuse Estuary in the Netherlands
Saskia Van Vuren; Marit Zethof
7960 Open Ports for Container Vessels
B. A. Bakermans; A. J. Van Der Hout; B. W Ijdeven
7961 A Field Approach for Comparing the Ecosystem Services from Suds and Non-Suds Ponds: Preliminary Results
J. A. Jarvie; Dr S. Arthur; Dr L. Beevers
7706 Surface Roughness Parameterization to Account for Subgrid Scale Topography in Shallow Water Flow Modeling
Ilhan Özgen; Katharina Teuber; Dongfang Liang; Reinhard Hinkelmann
7962 An Integrated Finite Element Method Model for Wave-Soil-Pipeline Interaction
Zaibin Lin; Yakun Guo; Dong-Sheng Jeng; Nick Rey; Chengcong Liao

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